February 26, 2024

~ Sentimental Flowers ~

Returning to this blog with a trove of unseen work is a deeply personal and gratifying experience. Each piece is not just a creation; it's a reflection of my experiences, emotions, and the artistic evolution that transpired during my absence. I invite you to join me on this rediscovery journey, as we celebrate the uncharted territories of creativity and unveil the hidden masterpieces that have been patiently waiting for their moment in the spotlight.

Immerse yourself in a garden of unseen blooms, where petals unfurl in vibrant hues and intricate patterns. This floral symphony is a celebration of nature's beauty and resilience, mirroring my own journey of growth and renewal during the time spent away from this creative haven.


December 22, 2023

Frozen Elegance

Step into the enchanting realm of winter with the delicate art of quilled snowflakes. These intricately designed creations capture the ethereal beauty of snow crystals, bringing a touch of frozen elegance to your crafting endeavors.

When crafting quilled snowflakes, you have the opportunity to celebrate and replicate the uniqueness of nature. The art of quilling allows you to experiment with various patterns, shapes, and sizes, ensuring that each snowflake you create is one-of-a-kind. Just like nature's delicate handiwork, your quilled snowflakes can capture the magic of individuality.

 No two snowflakes are alike, and each one boasts its own intricate pattern, creating a mesmerizing display as they drift gently from the sky.

December 15, 2023

Winter Whimsy: Quilled Snowflake Ornament

Elevate your holiday décor with the timeless beauty of the Quilled Snowflake Ornament. Its intricate quilled design, frosty elegance, and handmade charm make it a delightful addition to any festive setting.

Share the magic of the season by gifting this quilled ornament to friends, family, or colleagues. Its handmade nature adds a touch of warmth and thoughtfulness to your holiday greetings, making it a cherished keepsake.


June 30, 2020

~ Wedding Box with Quilled Flowers ~

Can you recognize these flowers? Yes, you are right, I used them for the elegant composition on . Although, this time they are on wedding card (actually, it is box with special envelope inside).

June 25, 2020

~ Happy Home ~

Flowers {and obviously LOVE} can brighten every house and make it a home.